Wanna lead a healthy and sporty Liifestyle?

Liife – Petits Carreaux

33 rue des Petits Carreaux – 75002 Paris



SATURDAYS FROM 10:30 am TO 4 pm


Liife @ Midtown Sports Club (indoor bootcamp)

21 Rue Herold – 75001 Paris


FROM 8:30 am TO 10 am AND

FROM 12:00 am TO 2 pm AND

FROM 6:30 pm TO 9 pm


01 40 26 24 20

The first Liife restaurant is located in a lively neighborhood close to Grands Boulevards and Rue Montorgueil. People who would like to eat healthier, according to their sports diet and adopt a better Liifestyle are very welcome to eat here.

The second Liife restaurant has recently been opened within the Midtown bootcamp fitness club (21 Rue Herold). It is designed for sportspeople as well as those who only wish to eat there (you do not have to be a club member to eat at this restaurant). Everyone can enjoy our cool and fresh organic juices as well as our healthy and nutritious dishes.

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The three founders: Boris, Matthieu and Ugo

Our mission:

At our healthy restaurant for sport lovers, you can eat food that is healthy, nutritious and delicious. We use fresh and seasonal products to make you tasty and super fresh dishes. Our “Eat Smart” concept is centered around three values that are most dear to us: sport, health and the environment. Every day, the Liife staff tries its best to come closer and closer those ideals.

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Our story:

It all started with three buddies, Ugo, Boris and Matthieu.

During the summer of 2014, they all flew to the Unites States to make a cultural trip to Miami. As soon as they stepped out of the airport, Ugo joked: “Hey you guys, would you rather have a big greasy burger or a small salad before going for a jog on Ocean Drive?” Much to his surprise, they decided to grab a salad and to go for the jog (they had already eaten well on the plane).

From that moment on, they favored a healthy diet and a healthy “dose” of sport. That was their holiday resolution.

Boris remained in the United States for 6 more months and kept on leading a healthy Liifestyle thanks to all the diverse healthy restaurants in the U.S. When he came back to France, he did not find any restaurant that was similar to the ones he ate at in Miami. While he kept on training for triathlons, the only thing he could do to eat healthy was to prepare his own dishes.

That realization led the three friends to start a restaurant. Liife was created so that they could eat healthy as well as have a balanced and varied diet and have food that could meet their nutrient needs. They are sportsmen after all!

So Liife is the first restaurant for sport lovers. Here you can enjoy tasty dishes that are appropriate for all types of physical effort.

You’re not really into sports? Don’t worry! You are still welcome to come, all of our dishes are very good for both your taste buds and your health.